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Jersey City, New Jersey is full of historic landmarks such as the Apple Tree House, Barrow Mansion, Newkirk House, Old Bergen Reformed Church, Pohlman’s Hall and Prospect Hall. In addition, tourists enjoy visiting the 1909 Fairmont Hotel, the 1910 Ficken’s Warehouse, the 1853 Grace Van Vorst Church, the 1927 Labor Bank Building and the 1929 Loews Jersey Theatre. Other historic sites include the Saint Patrick’s Church, Stanley Theatre and the 1740 Van Vorst House.


The Jersey Journal covers the daily news. Regal Hudson Mall 7 offers restored classic movies and foreign films. St. Peter’s College is noted for its concerts, dance and productions. Jersey City, New Jersey has several attractions including the Circle Line Statue of Liberty Ferry, the Hudson Repertory Dance Theatre, the Liberty Science Center, the New Jersey City University and the Statue of Liberty Ferry Inc. Its historical monuments are the Central Railroad of NJ Terminal and the Jersey City Museum. Tours are available from the Spirit of New Jersey and The Lady. Liberty State Park is representative of freedom. Rafting and canoeing is provided by Off Shore Sailing School.


Jersey City dining venues include the American Hero, the Au Bon Pain, Casino-in-the-Park, D & J Noodle Corner and Donna Pizzeria and Restaurant. Don’t forget to try Eleni’s Coffee Shop, Hard Grove Café or the International House-Pancakes. Chinese lovers dine at Boardwalk Café, Chaun King Restaurant, China Empire, China Lee Kitchen or Chowpatty Restaurant. Japanese is served at Komegashi Japanes Restaurant. Italian connoisseurs eat at Four Brothers Restaurant, La Bella Vista, Little Italy, Presto’s Restaurant, pronto Cena Ristorante, Rita and Joe’s Italian Restaurant, Romano’s 24 Inch Pizzeria or Summit House Restaurant. Jersey City, New Jersey has lodging at the Double Tree Club Suites and the Quality Inn.

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