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McGreevey Calls for Legislation to Stop Unwanted Telemarketers

Pushes for the strongest Do Not Call list in the nation


(TRENTON) — Joining with the leadership of AARP and State legislators in support of efforts to stop telemarketers from making unwanted calls, Governor McGreevey today called on the State Legislature to pass the strongest legislation possible.


“We must stop telemarketers from disturbing our homes with unwanted phone calls,” said McGreevey. “This is an issue that affects everyone, and as we work to improve the overall quality of life in this State, we are determined to make unwanted telemarketing calls a thing of the past. I call upon legislators from both sides of the aisle to send to my desk the strongest possible piece of legislation.”


“Citizens should have a right to privacy in their own homes, yet this is constantly violated by telemarketers,” said AARP Consumer Protection Taskforce Coordinator Dorothy Dowling. “New Jersey needs to pass a strong Do Not Call list law to give New Jersey telephone consumers the option of placing their names on a Do Not Call list so that telemarketers would be

prohibited from calling them.”


More than 20 states have prohibited telemarketers from calling anyone who registers with a state-created Do Not Call list. Generally, people can register by going to the state’s web site, calling a toll-free number, or mailing a registration form to get their name on the list.


Earlier in the day, Governor McGreevey and AARP New Jersey hosted the first of six Senior Seminars. This month’s seminar, held at the War Memorial in Trenton and moderated by accomplished news reporter Reg Wells, was entitled “Reestablishment of the Public Advocate.”

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