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Major Development Projects






The Waterfront

    Jersey City's Waterfront

The Waterfront is the most visible and dramatic symbol of the Jersey City renaissance. These projects show the effects, after only the first few years, of the arrival of a major wave of change.

Cali International Financial Tower
19 stories
600,000 square feet of office space
2,200 employees
Located at the Grove Street PATH subway station
Major tenants include: Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette (Pershing Division), PNC Bank, and NTT Data Communications.


Model Of The Colgate Project

43 Acre mixed use development
6.5 million square feet of office space
1,200 rental units
The 39 story initial office building (1.1 million square feet) is the tallest in New Jersey!
Ferries direct to the World Trade Center in Manhattan
3,200 jobs
Major tenants include: Colgate-Palmolive Corporation, Merrill Lynch, and Bierbaum, Martin and Lehman Brothers.


Evertrust Office Building
17 Stories
324, 000 square feet of office space
Owned and partially occupied by Evergreen International Marine Corporation
Phase II: 600, 000 square feet more office space, 400 room hotel, and 470 residential units
Major tenants include: Evergreen Shipping, Security Pacific, and DAIWA secuities
600 jobs.

Exchange Place Center
30 stories
700,000 square feet of office space (third tallest in New Jersey)
90% occupied
High Speed Elevators connect directly to the Exchange Place PATH subway station
Major tenants include: Fleet Bank, Noonan, Ashley Pearce, Speer Leeds & Kellog
2, 100 jobs.

Exchange Place Center

15 Exchange Place
11 stories
400,000 square feet of office space
Owned and mostly occupied by Neptune Orient Lines

The Jersey City Medical Center At Grand-Jersey

  • Developer: Liberty Health Care Systems
  • Project Description: 350 Bed Medical Facility
  • Projected Annual Taxes: Tax exempt
  • Permanent Jobs: 1,400
  • Temporary Jobs: 100-300
  • Total Project Cost: $150M
  • Project Completed: Summer 2001


Harborside Financial Center 

This project epitomizes the change that has occurred. Formerly a Waterfront rail terminal and pier, in its previous incarnation Harborside served to receive, store, and route the "atoms" of freight. Now it does the same thing, but with the "bits" of information!

Harborside Financial Center
A Mack-Cali Property
1.8 million square feet of office space
3.2 million square feet of office space, 650 residential units, 300 room hotel, and 200, 000 square feet of commercial space are planned
Major tenants include: Bankers Trust, Bank of Tokyo, Aegis Insurance, Telerate, Dean Witter, American Institute of CPAs.
5,100 jobs currently
7,000 more jobs to be added

Hudson Exchange
90 acres of mixed use development
High rise, mid rise, and low rise
2 million square feet retail and commercial space, 4,000 rental units and 500 residential units are included in the master plan
Major commercial tenants include: BJ's Warehouse, ShopRite, The Wiz, and Pep Boys
400 jobs.
1,000 more jobs to be added


Mixed use development
To include 4.3 million square feet of office space, 7,000 housing units, 1,200 hotel rooms, and 300,000 square feet of commercial space
The one million square foot Newport Mall is already completed
The Newport Tower, at 36 stories, the second largest in New Jersey is also completed
1,500 rental units and a 400 unit condominium development is finished, too
Major tenants for the Mall include: Sears, J.C. Penney, Filene's, and Sterns.
Major tenants for the Office Tower include: Brown Brothers Harriman, USA Network, First Chicago Trust, and the FDIC.
7,100 jobs


An Aerial Photo of Port Liberte

Port Liberte

  • Developer: The Applied Companies
  • Project Description:
    • 363 Exising residential units
    • 1290 additional residential units
    • Golf Course
  • Annual Pre-Construction Taxes: $320,000
  • Projected Annual Taxes: Approximately $5 million
  • Permanenet Jobs: Approximately 100
  • Temporary Jobs: Approximately 100 for 8-10 years
  • Completion: Phasing Spring 1998 through 2006
  • Total Project Cost: Residential - $300 million/Golf Course - $30 million


Port Liberte Is Known As "Venice On The Hudson."


Major Commercial And Industrial Projects

Greenville Yards Industrial Park
Up to 1.5 million square feet of industrial space to be developed
Port Authority imported automobile facility (145 acres)
BMW vehicle preparation center (42 acre, 130, 000 square feet)
Tropicana Northeast Hub distribution facility (42 acre, 210,000 square feet)
Eagle/Anheiser-Busch distribution facility (70,000 square feet)

Claremont Industrial Park
Planned as a 30 acre, 450,000 square feet industrial center 600+ jobs

Liberty Industrial Park
135 acres (over 1.7 million square feet) of development space
Major tenants include: Palermo manufacturing,Wilman Paper, Charles J. Smith & Co., Suzette Manufacturing, and Streichler Trucking. The New York Daily News is using 323, 000 square feet of a former Clorox plant as a central printing and distribution facility.

Home Depot

  • Developer: Gene Heller Enterprises
  • Project Description: 162,000 square feet retail warehouse
  • Annual Pre-Construction Taxes: $229,547
  • Projected Annual Taxes: $250,000
  • Permanent Jobs: 114 full time/40 part time
  • Total Project Cost: $2.2 million
  • Project Completed: January 1998


Neighborhood & Cultural Projects

Business Improvement Districts BIDs
The BIDs are private, non-profit organizations of neighborhood business and property owners. Special operating assessments from members generate supplemental security, sanitation services, special capital improvements, and promotional events. BIDs determine their district's aesthetic standards.

Journal Square
Recent renovations include: 26 Journal Square, Trust Company Building, and the PATH Plaza.
Major tenants include: The Port Authority of NY/NJ, Dreyfus, NJ Transit, and ADP.

 Tranquility Amidst Activity At Journal Square!

The Streetscape Redesign Program will transform the square into a polished and honed urban hub.
  • Developer: City Of Jersey City
  • Project Description:
      Capital Project:
    • Pedestrian Plaza
    • Fountain
    • Specialty Sidewalks
    • Old Style Lamposts
    • Landscaped islands
    • Temporary Jobs: 50
    • Total Project Cost: $6.5 million
    • Project Completed: Spring 1999


Journal Square Mixed Use

  • Developer: Wharton Realty
  • Project Description:
      16 Stories Mixed Use Space
    • Retail: 40,000 square feet
    • Parking Deck: 60,000 square feet
    • Commercial Space: 300,000 square feet
  • Annual Pre-Construction Taxes: $278,000
  • Projected Annual Taxes: $1 million
  • Permanent Jobs: 1,200
  • Total Project Cost: $50 million
  • Project Completed: 15-18 months (anticipated)
The Journal Square Business Improvement District (BID) provides additional sanitation, security, and other services.

Journal Square Has A New Lease On Life


The Italian Baroque LOEW'S THEATER (built in 1929) has atop its terra cotta facade St. George and the dragon as antagonists once employed to face off as the clock below struck the passing hours. The theater bowed to multiplexes, but does not just simply survive, but, rather, prevails!

Loew's Theater
This American movie palace is being painstakingly restored. The Loew's shall re-open as a cultural and entertainment center.

Liberty Science Center
22 acre, 170, 000 square foot facility in Liberty State Park
Educational and science exhibits and the world's largest Omnimax Theater


A Bird's Eye View Of The HUB

The HUB At Martin Luther King Drive

This development will combine a 60,000 square feet of community-owned shopping center alongside a light-rail station. This redevelopment plan has garnered national awards. Growth will be fostered through public/private partnerships and extensive community participation.


An Artist's Rendition Of The McGinley Square Streetscape
Part Of The Saint Peter's College Area Improvement Project

Saint Peter's College Area Improvement Project

The plan would reverse decades of decay in the McGinley Square area. It calls for the building of new parking lots; upgrading the park in McGinley Square; renovating the Armory Building on Montgomery Street; and improving the retail district along Montgomery Street with better lighting, more trees, attractive retail facades, and improved sidewalks.


Society Hill And Reservoir Heights

Society Hill
  • Developer: K. Hovnanian
  • Project Description:
    • Phase I: 596 Condominium units
    • Phase II: 164 Condominium units
    • Phase III: 260 Condominium units
    • Phase IV: 350 Condominium units
  • Annual Pre-Construction Taxes: Prior 1989 Tax Exempt
  • Projected Annual Taxes: $1.8 million
  • Temporary Jobs: 100 construction jobs per year
  • Permanent Jobs: 10
  • Total Project Cost: $11 million
  • Project Completed: Last phase 1996

Reservoir Heights

  • Developer: Reservoir Heights Development L.L.C.
  • Project Description: 17 two-family homes
  • Annual Pre-Construction Taxes: $19,000
  • Projected Annual Taxes:$131,000
  • Temporary Jobs: 10
  • Total Project Cost: $3.9 million
  • Project Completed: Winter 1997


Warehouse District Artist in Residence Program
Facilities planned for 500 artists
100 already accommodated
An open-air sculpture garden will grace nearby vacant land.
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