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Ask for a free estimate 973.879.0703The concept of ceramic tile has been around since some of the earliest of building projects.  As we see many interior trends change the one that seems to remain constant is that of tile. The reasons for this are clear. Its quality life expectancy and over all durability are unmatched.

This is not to say however that ceramic is without its trends. In the past few years designers have noticed the great versatility ceramic presents to the creative eye. Instead of assuming that floor covering should be chosen to compliment a home, it is now widely accepted that in certain areas the focal point of the decor is the ceramic design, texture and color as well as the very substance that makes up the tile itself.

Ask for a free estimate 973.879.0703The varied products available, ranging from rubber, linoleum, cork, asphalt and plastic to the more traditional terra cotta ceramics, leave little to the imagination, yet much to your creative side. This allows ones choice to reflect the influence of cultures such as the charm of the south of France or the vitality of Greece. 


Such wide variety requires that in this field the experts be flexible and creative. In working together, whether on redesigning you bathroom or tiling your entranceway, ceramics  can help make your house the home you've always wanted, one that reflects you personality 
and insistence on quality

Our mission at Continental Tiles is to meet the highest expectations of our customers who select or distribute wall and floor tiles for household, commercial and industrial applications in the New Jersey markets. Tile creates hand crafted tile murals and accents perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools, tabletops or any other tile project.

Ask for a free estimate 973.879.0703Continental Tiles uses the leading ceramic tile manufacturer producing wall tiles and floor tiles. Continental Tiles success is based upon a reputation for excellence in quality and design of ceramic tiles. Catering for the specific needs of the consumer demands weather  house builders, schools, universities, hotels, hospitals, industrial developments and the leisure industry.

Extensive Ranges of bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles are available to the domestic consumer and the house developer. Continental Tiles take pride that our name is locally associated with high quality design work.

Continental Tiles has been serving the New Jersey for the last 3 years.  Numerous second home owners from all over the New Jersey marvel at our work and expertise. We have worked with governments, schools, chamber, restaurants, retail stores, property management companies, homeowners, builders, tradesmen. The majority of our local business and residents is from referral and word of mouth.

At Continental Tiles we are friendly, knowledgeable and have the latest products. We pride ourselves on top quality installation of beautiful and practical products. That is why Continental Tiles are striving to make you the customer happy and satisfied. Our aim is to please every customer that we work with.

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